They all fall down

The stars fell,

Crashing down around us,

The stars fell,

Their twinkle turned to a spark.


Children cried,

Pointing at the light,

Children ran,

But what was the use in running?


Parents forgot about their children,

The babies in their arms were left forgotten,

The horn blew, and they followed,

Every last thing chasing the sound.


The day had come,

That they had all forgotten,

The day had come,

For the fair judgement to begin.


For all creations that had been made,

Bowed down to their one master,

Just like the sun and the trees and the wind above,

And the stars that twinkled all fell for love.


Higher in your Love

I’m high up in the sky,

Slowly getting higher,

I’m high up in the sky,

I don’t want to fall.

And as I’m getting higher,

Paranoia is around me,

What if I fall, what if I stumble?

What if I lose all that I’ve created?

They don’t understand me,

The ones down there on the ground,

They don’t understand why I do this,

Why do I scare myself?

I’ve got this power in my hand,

I can see the clouds and the sun,

The stars are closer, they’re beckoning me,

They’re so beautiful, how can I lose this?

I can’t ask for help from those underneath me,

Safe on the ground, not realising what they’re missing out,

I can only look above to those who’ve crossed this path before,

They are all I’ll ever need.

Dear Allah,

I beg for you to guide me,

Dear Allah,

I beg for you to help.

And I know you’ll listen,

Because you’re gracious,

And I know you’ll listen,

Because you’re true.